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セラミックタイル用 デジタルインクジェットプリンター


Digital Inkjet Printing Systems for the Decoration of Ceramic Surfaces

Since 2005, Durst has been the leading producer of digital printing machines for the decoration of ceramic surfaces.
With the continuous development of the inkjet technology, Durst has contributed to the transformation of the tile from a functional wall- and floor covering to an interior- and design object.
Be it the reproduction of natural stone, wood, photography or elaborate surface structures and -effects.
Durst´s extensive portfolio and the scalability of Durst systems form the perfect solution for any specification.
The Durst inkjet technology enables precise ink application down to the picoliter, almost unlimited variations, the highest printing quality, saves material and costs, reduces storage risks and is less damaging on the environment.
Above all though, it generates competitive advantage and provides access to global market opportunities.



Gamma108XD50   Gamma208XD50


New Gamma XD Series 108 / 148

DM(デジタルマテリアル・プリント)、デュアルライン生産など新機能搭載、Gamma XD プリンターシリーズ

Gamma 75 HD-NR
Gamma 75 HD-NRS

高性能な Durst エンジニアアリングと印刷品質を提供できる廉価版モデル

Pictocer HD


Copy Rip Durst Industrial Edition